Look Who the Christ Dragged In

(A highly-unworthy, equally-unlikely convert bearing witness to the truth about Jesus and His life-transforming power.)

His Gospel and Evidence

My Gospel: The Bible in Minutes

The Bible is the Word of God given to man. In it, God tells us who He is, our purpose, our problem (sinful nature), its terrible cost, His solution (Jesus Christ), and how we become truly alive in Him from now to eternity. It has lifetimes worth of wisdom. Just reading it takes 54-72 hours. To save you time, God inspired me to compress months of important lessons into mere minutes in three versions: summary, story, and slides. Any church pushing the same Gospel can also freely use my content.

Why I Believe in the Bible: Summary Statement of Evidence

Like Peter said, many of us have witnessed Jesus' power after accepting Him into our lives. Although God draws us to Him, some of you will need some more proof before taking the Gospel seriously. My past life included scientific research, investigating corruption, and debating politics/religion. I lived for finding the facts. Like in a courtroom or academia, I put up a short statement of evidence that the Bible is the true Word of God.

How to Grow His Kingdom: Quick Start (Draft v2)

Jesus commands us all to share the Gospel. People will suffer forever if we don't. It felt so awkward for me that I did 10+ hours of evangelism training. To help others, I made this site to let the rest of you learn fast. Just using conversational openers with my Gospel on your phone takes 8 minutes to learn. If committing to memory, you're looking at 4-5 min worth of memorized items. Invest more, improve even more.

My Story, Sins, and Struggles

My Story: Crushed, Tested, and Brought Back to Him (14 min)
Shortened Version (6-7min)
Video Testimony (6 min)

I have a complex, rough background. I couldn't begin to describe it, nor does it matter. Instead, this testimony focuses on the struggles I endured going down many roads in life. You might relate to them. Like the Bible predicted, His love transformed me, He solved impossible problems, and it's been an adventure from there. I have three versions so you can pick whatever is most convenient for you!

If you see His work in my life, check out My Gospel above to learn how to experience it yourself.

My Sins He Paid For

A great mystery of God is why He created wicked people to love. He saves, cleanses, and imparts purpose to us via the redeeming blood of Jesus Christ. Think you're too bad or far gone? Living holy is too hard to even try? I've posted most of my sins and struggles to assure you it ain't true. If you see a difference, that's the Holy Spirit in action. He will do it for anyone who believes in, asks of, and attempts to follow Him.

Blowing the Whistle on Kroger

Kroger has abused workers and customers for years on end. They often made me deal with the damage they caused. Recently, they ordered me to lie to customers they were defrauding. Scripture says love others, expose evil, and fight oppression. I blew the whistle on them. Our Facebook page is here. God was really doing Romans 8:28-style stuff in that situation. They fired me on Sep 7, 2021. Trying to focus on the Lord more before my next job. Ideally, it will be one that lets me serve Jesus and others much as they need. Maybe a high-paying, part-time, and partly/fully-remote one with arbitrary vacations. (Dreaming? Me!?)

Other Stuff

Other essays.

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