Do We Share the Gospel At Work, When Paid to Work?

At the hotel I work at, I often have just seconds to try to share with someone. I'll never see them again. Since I’m on the clock, I limit most sharing to offering a Gospel tract with my site on it. I tell them in a gentle, but exciting way, that "it’s a gift I give to people that come through the hotel. I wrote what's on the the site. (So they don't think it's the company's position.) It has a powerful message that's impacted a lot of lives. You might like it." And I wish them a good day. And if they decline (rare), I just nod that I understand and still wish them a good day. Either way, I also serve an incoming guest to the best of my ability. It takes seconds to a minute a day.

Although we have good reviews, a few complained to our front desk that nobody should be allowed to give them anything or discuss religion. The owners had previously pulled the Bibles out of their hotels. Now, they sent word through a manager that they'll fire me for sharing the Gospel or tracts. On top of offending people, their argument was it's a business where we're to do just what makes money serving customers. I told my manager that I may or may not stop but understand their position.

Their objection hit me hard. They knew what to say. My theology says that obedience matters. We follow Christ's example, be righteous in all we do, and God does His best work in and through us that way. We also can't sin to do something that appears to be righteous. Is handing out tracts on the clock stealing time? Is doing that in this place a lack of submission to authority? Or has God commanded us to share in all situations? And them blocking that is a sin?

I halted handing out tracts. I needed to be sure it was the righteous thing to do. I decided to read the Word, pray, and get counsel. As I explored these things, I decided to write up my exploration for others' benefit.

Overview: Our Options and My Questions

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