Two Ways to Make Christian Music (Brief)

Outside of worship, there are at least two ways to make Christian music:

A. Make the lyrics sound much like what’s in the world. Obscure and minimize references to Christ. More people relate to it, listen to it, and pay for it. They might be encouraged to believe some philosophy like what’s in the song. Which isn’t the Gospel. They might also eventually stumble into the Gospel. Who knows.

B. Song reflects trust in Christ alone, Biblical lens on life’s issues, and is otherwise relatable. Person listening knows Jesus is the center of your life. Might even hear pieces of the Gospel in the lyrics. If there’s pain or joy, they hear a Biblical response to it. This will be less popular with those who reject Christ but reach those God is pulling to Him.

I wish more chose B. If not, A is something God will work through. It’s just that A is more about pleasing people who don’t or won’t believe by watering down the Gospel. You don’t see Jesus and the Apostles speaking less of Christ or acting more worldly to please such people. They dust off their shoes and keep moving to reach and encourage those who choose Christ.

Unlike Christian artists in group A, the secular artists don’t shy from putting their gods, philosophy, and life stories front and center. That’s a big part of why their impact is so huge. If more Christians were as bold, perhaps more people would see who Jesus is, why His way is our best option, and countless stories showing exactly that. Life stories they can share with others hooking them into real, Christian music.

Originally on Reddit here.

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