Our Broken World: What 30+ Years Taught Me in 2 Min

My background was rough. I was a white nerd living around rednecks going to a black school. Social exclusion and racism were the norm. We moved around a lot. Home situation ranged from kind of stable to broken. People, churches, the government, and the media all betrayed us in critical moments where they showed they were liars that only cared about themselves (esp money). With a big heart, I constantly met people whose preventable suffering I couldn't help. Society didn't care either. I turned away from it all.

My new faith was do what I want, be the best, and solve all that. I deeply studied everything. I found all institutions, systems, and philosophies were corrupted by human selfishness. That was true for all of human history with successes rarely lasting. Even science had rampant errors and fraud.

Maybe our top people, esp rich and famous, could help. I found their gains mostly came from convincing others they were special, really they were just lucky, and they only stayed on top if we kept paying and watching them. We'd never be like them. Besides, most were as worried and messed up as the rest of us looking for the same deep satisfaction they could never find. Facing death, paramedics told me even they wished they thought harder about God, family, and love. They got buried, too.

I hopelessly faced a meaningless world too broken to fix. Started praying to a God I didn't believe in. Reading the Bible. It says God created our world for good reasons, our evil (sins) trashed it, He had to make us pay for that, and sent Jesus to redeem us. Jesus died for our sins to do that, was raised from the dead, and will save all who believe in Him. I later surrendered my life to Jesus Christ. He put His Spirit in me. Then, things started happening.

My PTSD and insomnia disappeared immediately. He changed me to love others more, even strangers and enemies. Got feelings back that trauma took away. Heart-hardened people opened up to me. People I couldn't counsel myself found relief. Random events at work shifted to benefit more than hurt me. One person covered a large debt for me. (Again.) After prayers, struggling and dying folks had turn-arounds that baffled professionals. People's luck changed. Some I prayed hard for not only reported those outcomes: they described them using words in or like my prayers!

The Gospel with proof its true is here. Repent, receive the free gift of eternal life, and live this one with Him for your true purpose.

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