Why Small Sins Can't Be Tolerated: A Human-Centered Explanation

(Reading time: 1.5 min.)

People often think they'll go to heaven because their sins are minor. They believe only the worst kind should get punishment. The Bible says no sin can enter a holy place like heaven. But holiness is hard to wrap our minds around. I believe we can understand this just looking at our experiences with how evil affects this world. Let's use what we've seen sin do here to understand why sin can't go there.

Each person's sins are different. Many think theirs are better or no worse than others. We justify our failures. Everyone would want mercy for theirs. Being merciful to a large enough group is going to bring in all kinds of evil. Let's say we filter the worst. Still won't work.

Most sin starts small then grows. Jesus says adultery starts with lustful looks and murder with hate in your heart. Human nature often turns tiny ideas into big problems. Our bad habits we can't kick also usually started with one or more bad decisions. We grow into them, not fall into them. Some are really hard to escape, too.

Next, individuals' sin often affects groups of people: families, friends, businesses, and even our legal system. It does direct damage damage. Then, any group picking up the sin turns it into a self-reinforcing behavior whose affects go even further. In this world, evil organizations and laws can negatively impact millions of people across the globe. Getting sin out of large groups is even harder than individuals.

What's this mean? It means we'd bring all kinds of sin into heaven. Our sins would do immediate and long-term damage. Everything we did as a group would be corrupted. The effects would keep spreading. Heaven would become just as bad as earth. Therefore, God must forbid even our small sins in heaven to keep it pure, peaceful, and perfect.

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